Saturday, January 22, 2011

Phew! Now THAT was a work-out. . .

Oh wow. . . This morning I officially went to my first aerobics class, and boy was that an aerobics class.
It's not that I'm unfit, it's just that I'm training for a special something of mine that I will reveal soon enough.

Anyway, back to the class: I went in 5 minutes before and watched the kind of people that walked in.
There were the young socialites, little old ladies - that have probably been friends since they were my age -, one or two guys that were trying to convince themselves that taking this class was not feminine, and of course the 40 year olds in denial.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being 40, or any age below or above that, but it's a nickname that I find quite fitting to the group of middle aged ladies that walked in.

We started doing some warm ups and most of us were doing alright. Then the infamous song "Beat it" by Michael Jackson came on, and suddenly 'most of us' turned to a half and half. We began hectic aerobics that would tire even the fittest person alive. "Up and down and lunge and down!" the trainer shouted.  

The young socialites in their skimpy tops and designer label gym pants were all trying to keep face, but in truth they were fighting to stand upright.
The little old ladies were actually doing a lot better, and didn't hide that at times they needed a rest.
The few men of the class had recovered from their moment of self-doubt and were actually doing very well. 
And finally, the 40 year olds in denial. Now what these ladies had that the others didn't was that they were split up in two groups.
Group 1, as I call them, were mothers to whom this class was obviously the highlight of their week. They were fairly fit and like the little old ladies, didn't hide when they were tired.
Group 2 were unmarried or just simply married with no kids and were convinced that if they could do this class when they were 20, they could do it now. They were having a very hard time keeping up and constantly checked their watches for the end of the class.

I, on the other hand was having a blast! I've been working my way up to going to aerobics for a while and today I did it. It was everything I expected. Tiring and hard, but fulfilling and energising at the same time.
I walked out with a face as red as a sun dried tomato, and my legs felt like spaghetti but in the end it was worth it.
Oh, and just in case we both have forgotten, part of my New Year's Resolution was to get healthy and fit. Today was a step in the right direction. Yes!

Today's pictures are of a typical aerobics class and it's typical aerobicers(Is that even a word?):

Young Socialites

Little old ladies

Men Aeribicers

40 Year olds on denial (Group 1)

40 Year olds in denial (Group 2)
Anthea (P.S. Do any of you do aerobics or something like it? I'd love to hear what you do.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My dream car. . .

Ok, confessions confessions. . .
Now you know when people walk past car displays and start checking out models like Ferraris,Lamborghinis and Porches? 
Well the thing is, when I look at cars I couldn't care less about the roar of the engine or the fat price tag.

No, when I look at cars there is only one  I'm looking at.
Now don't laugh, but I have this incredible love for Beetles!

Yes, it's true. Not the modern ones that like Ferraris, still cost a fortune. I like the old, bug shaped, possibly broken down version of the Volkswagen Beetle. Why?, you may ask. Well honestly, I don't know.

I have this crazy love for old things, especially old cars, that have lived long and seen the world change right before their eyes. Old things that are beautiful and priceless, simply because of the memories that they hold.

Here's a little info on this amazing little car:

The Beetle was created in 1931 and was called "The People's Car".
Thousand of Beetles roamed the streets after it came out. You'd think it was "Beetle Fever".
Sadly, in 2003 production of the original Beetles stopped. 
Though in 1994, the modern Beetle appeared with it's similar but different "bug" look. 

Check out my dream car pictures:




Modern version Beetle. (Not as pretty right?)

Anthea (P.S. I'd love to hear what your dream car is, so leave me a comment including the model and why you like it. And if your reason is similar to mine, say so! 


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Have you ever had that feeling on New Year's Eve where you think: "This year is going to be different. This year I'm going to be a better friend, a better student, a better sibling. I am NOT going to make last year's mistakes and I am NOT going to think in the past. All my problems are behind me and now all that's left is a fresh year of new beginnings," And after that pops into your brain you think: "Wow! That's going to be hard work!". 

On New Year's Eve I had these thoughts. They were complicated and strange, but slightly refreshing. Aaaaaah. . .

Last year I had a New Year's Resolution that said that I could not eat chocolate the whole year. Crazy, I know, but funny enough, I lasted the whole year. I didn't eat one piece of chocolate the whole year and I told myself that the first one I was going to have in 2011 was a block of Toblerone. 

Today I had that block. 

The taste was alien to me and I stood in silence as I contemplated what this strange taste in my mouth was.
Yes, this was indeed chocolate. I don't know why, but I don't think I like chocolate any more. (Gasp! I know. . .) The taste was creamy and nice, but I found it so sweet!

But anyway, I've been thinking long and hard for what my New Year's Resolution of 2011 is going to be, and I think I've come up with the perfect one.

This year I make a resolution to be a better person.
(Pretty simple, but hey, it doesn't have to be long.)

Well, I guess it's time to show some pictures that represent that resolution. Cool!

 Good Student

Better Friend

Healthy Eating

Regular Exercise