Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank you, dear lord for creating...

Today is the the day I thank the heavens, the angels and most importantly, god for my favourite things. This is not your usual type of prayer. I shall start with these words:

Thank you, dear lord for creating...

...bubble bath. It occurred to me tonight as I soaked in a bath with the glorious foam up to ears that I was in the presence of, excuse me, drenched in one of your most astonishingly beautiful creations. The light was absolutely perfect as little rainbows bounced off every sud, but that's not all. It also occurred to me that I could have very well been born into a poor family living in Morocco with absolutely no water for cooking, never mind a bubble bath. So thanks. Thanks, for me being me.

...Tchaikovsky. After the first time of hearing his genius, I knew he was my favourite composer. The Nutcracker is a musical revelation, and Swan Lake moves me with every note. I could just easily say thank you for music, but I feel this incredible man needs a personal round of applause from one of his biggest fans.

...Woolworths ribs and mealies. To give this utterly scrumptious and completely delectable meal my praise, I feel I must illustrate it with a rather strange - and definitely photo shopped on my part - picture from Ice Age The Meltdown.
Like the vultures cried "Food, glorious food!", I cry "Pork ribs, and glorious corn!"

...Stephanie Meyer, Suzanne Collins and Liz Retting. Authors of The Host, The Hunger Games Trilogy and Jumping to Confusions, my three favourite books. Oh hell, how about I just mention all the others; Thanks for Charlaine Harris: The Sookie Stackhouse Series, and Carolyn Keene: Nancy Drew and Melissa Marr: Wicked Lovely and Fiona Dunbar: The Truth Cookie and Elizabeth Gilbert: Eat Pray Love and ... Need I go on? To put this simply, thank you so (freaking) much for authors and their over-active imaginations.

...geeky Sci-fi movies, series, and oh, of course, Harry Potter. What would the world be like without Star Wars, Star Trek, J.K Rowling's famous boy with the scar, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe? The thought is so horrifying I could cry, but gratefully this is a post to thank that these things do indeed exist.

... best friends. I only have one bestie (currently) and already I have a grin creeping onto my face. I love her totally to bits and I want to say a huge, ginormous -lets bust out the thesaurus- , mammoth, behemothic, colossal, gargantuan, super-duper THANK YOU for bringing that chickie into this world.

... and lastly, mothers. I know I'm severely biased, but my mom is the greatest. From taking me shopping, to visiting museums and chanting with me in downward dog during yoga, she's always there. Love you. Thank you god.