Friday, June 15, 2012

Philosopher's Club...

Ok, so I've had an epiphany. It was in the middle of English, and we were listening to someones speech on morality. I was having a particularly low day and my eyelids were drooping lower and lower. Shabang! Crash! Bang! Bang! Bang!
I was hit with the most incredible idea. I immediately threw my hand out toward my space case which contained a small notepad, and I began to scribble away furiously with the abundance of creativity flowing through my head. I was going to start a Philosopher's Club.

To elaborate a little further into why my day before the Ding! was so low, I was the only one in my group of friends who hadn't been invited to several get-togethers at a another friend's house. I didn't take it personally. Honestly, I really don't mind since I've probably unknowingly done the exact same thing before. Alas, after about the second get-together with my best friend telling me all the details and jokes and things that happened, I was feeling quite small and sorry for myself. About a week before my little light bulb, my friends and I went to this music concert and they brought along a couple others who they knew from the gatherings. I didn't know any of them. I'm sort of kicking myself that I didn't just say Hi myself. I was being a victim of myself.
I got home that night and I let my heart out to my mother, who happens to be wiser than the average bear. She suggested I just ask that friend why I was not considered to be invited for her get-togethers. Genius! At first my mom asked why I couldn't just ask to go, but I replied that I was not going to invite myself. I've never appreciated people who did that and I was definitely not going to do it myself, but, asking for REAL feedback into why I wasn't invited was perfect!
I had totally planned doing exactly that when Tringalingaling! the flash of pure brilliance hit me.

Now, onto the Philosopher's Club. We will meet about every two to three weeks, and each time we'll do something different to elevate our souls and mind. I already have my first few meetings planned out. So excited!
During Meeting 1, we will be decorating our own personalised Philosopher's Journals, creating the ritual of having a weird bout of spontaneity per philosopher every session, creating a personalised salute or sign with a word expressing Wow!, making a Philosopher's Club Memoir and a few more things. Mostly we will be making philosophy lines to put in out fortune cookies that we will be making the next meeting. How cool?! I had the idea to make Philosopher's fortune cookies, then sell them, see the reactions on peoples' faces and finally, donate the money to outreach. Other things we'll be doing are like making questions for interviews of 9 year olds and 90 year olds. This was in the Glamour magazine a while back where one of their journalists asked the same questions to a 9 year old as a 90 year old. I'm not sure our ages will be so fixed, but I'm seriously interested in doing it!

My first meeting is on Monday... Wish me luck.
(Psst! Check out my snazzy invites for the club!)

You have been invited to join...
The Philosopher's Club
(I've written this on top of all the pictures)

P.S. Well, the club didn't totally work out in the end, but hey, I'm still game for doing the activities I thought of. All right!