Friday, May 31, 2013

Free Writing

Don't think. Just write. Feel the flow of your fingers over the keyboard and watch as words from the depths of your essence drip onto the page. Introducing, Free Writing.

Used by countless authors in times of creativity stone walls and writer's block, Free Writing is a technique that is known to help bolster the creative juices and produce more authentic writing.
It starts with having a short phrase, such as 'In the Depths of the Earth...' The point is to not think at all. Set a timer for 10 minutes and start writing, anything and everything that comes to your head. Disregard every grammar and spelling lesson you've ever learnt and just write

When the 10 minutes are up, read aloud what you've written. It's not uncommon to find an answer to a troubling situation you might find yourself in in your daily life, or a completely uncharacteristic and surprising phrase or sentence within the work. Don't mind with corrections or listen to the inner faultfinder, and at any point, you are completely allowed to switch to the prompt "What I would really like to write about is..."

Go with the flow. Write what feels right.

"This sounds amazing!" - one thing, before you go all Free Writing fundi, there is one point that needs to be abided to, with sound reasoning. There is no judgement or feedback to the work, whether positive or negative. We as writers are too conditioned to judging our work by others and our own opinions, thus taking away from the mastery of actually just writing. However, no judgements doesn't mean you can't recognise the treasures within the work, so simply acknowledge to yourself, "This sentence here is a treasure"

Surrender and release. Find your core.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Left out in the cold

A great tragedy has befallen a word of the English language. Once a description of kings, queens, heroes and heroines, this unfortunate utterance now finds itself snubbed by intellectuals worldwide, claiming it to be hackneyed and common. 
The word; Awesome.

How lamentable that a word so powerful could have fallen so far? Awesome has sadly become the yawp of peeps, YOLOers and city-accented excessive exclamation mark users. "Awesome dude!!!!"


Awesome despite its dismal reputation is a stunning word. 
See it's amazingness. Awe-some. That "some" is awe-inspiring, remarkable. I am awed by your someness.

I, Petite Dynamite, am calling for the revival of the word awesome, the awesome version, the declaration of the gods. Awesome.

I'm not saying that you should use it to replace every other adjective - that's what every other adjective is for. 
I'm merely expressing, don't be afraid to use it. When I think of the millions of words that make up language, I usually can't conceive how there can be so few words to replace 'good' 
but it's true! We as lingual enthusiasts simply cannot afford the loss of a synonym to that grade one word. If there is any word that should be, okay, not snubbed, but definitely used a considerable amount less, it is good. 

Embrace awesome, friends.