Monday, December 29, 2014

What can I say?

The countdown has begun. Tomorrow night at 00:00 my matric results will be revealed. Twelve years of education have come down to this, and boy, the butterflies are going rather insane. It is then that I'll find out what manifested out of almost a year of non-stop studying. It's been a crazy, out-of-this-world year. The big Kahuna, MATRIC, has officially been over for almost a month now. However, I can't say for certain that it's hit me that it's all over, finito, klaar, teleios. 

Over, finito, klaar, teleios... Wow.

What can I say about school? I am so grateful for the incredible education I have received. Really. I've gone through a full 12 years schooling and I have matric English, Advanced Program English, Afrikaans, Modern Greek, Life Orientation, Science, Biology, Music and History under my belt. Not too shabby if I might say. Not to mention short little dabbles in Computers, Art, Technology, Accounting, Business Studies as well as two years of Drama. There are millions of children, and adults, who would kill for my education and I must assure these millions, and everyone else, that its incredible worth hasn't blown over me -not one bit.

I am what my dad calls an "incessant overachiever". 

At our matric prize giving, I finished with Top Award for Biology, Top Award for Music and Full Academic Colours with Academic Excellence (3 straight years of Full Colours) within my grade. Do note, there were nine of us who receives Academic Excellence. We were -are- a truly exceptional group. I received Full Colours for Public Speaking, Greek Dancing, Choir, Greek Band and Music as well as Team Scrolls for Outreach and Drama. 
I was also a prefect. By the end my blazer was rather "decked out" with scrolls  and I must say that I'm rather proud of the thing. I'm proud of it all. I worked my butt off and I've come out of it all feeling rather stupefied that I managed to do it all. 

These were also only my school activities. I did ballet up to Intermediate Foundation (two before advanced), private violin lessons, music theory lessons and I played in the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra for 4 years. During it all I also summited Mount Kilimanjaro twice from two different sides. On the writing front, I've been blogging since 
I was 13 and last year I branched out into poetry, slam poetry and more serious creative writing. 

I was crazy. I am crazy. I'm glad.

I've had a hard time of it I must say though. Particularly in high school. I made and lost many friends along the way, had horrible fights and learnt some very very hard lessons. I've gone through so many personal transformations I've lost count, and admittedly not all of it was super fun. I've felt like quite an enigma for the last three years of school. It's only this year that I've felt real camaraderie and yes, belonging, with my fellow matriculants and friends. 

I've had to deal a lot with friends and other students not understanding me, what I'm going through, who I am and what I stand for. I made the decision long ago that I would never stand by people or things that didn't align with my truth. On all fronts, I'm very proud of myself for standing for my power. This hasn't always won me friends, but I figure that the people I actually want to spend time around see my personal power as a positive. I see it as a positive, because at the end of the day, as Leo Buscaglia "pharaphrasingly" says, I'm nice. 

Though with all this said, I've had some incredible times. Drama was the best subject I ever took (mortifyingly only for two years). It took me out of my head and into my body and gave me a place to ooze creative dramatic expression. I had the chance to be an enigma on stage, and on stage it was revered. I could be strange, weird, harsh, angry, sad or elated and whimsical, and it was all good. Wow, I loved Drama. I had the chance to work with many amazing actors and actresses in my class, particularly my two friends Marianna and Marina. Our drama group performance was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Our Macbeth Three Witches contemporary piece was absolutely awe-inspiring; We were so in character that our breathing synchronized. 

I also enjoyed immensely our matric events; Carnival Day. The Matric Swim and Matric Run. Valentine's Day.Our Matric jackets. Matric dance. These really were a set of fantastic experiences and events scattered between what seemed like an unending year of studying.

It was also in school that I received wonderful encouragement for my writing by my English teachers, particularly my matric English teacher. They were the first bunch to show interest in my writing, always supporting me to be a creative artist. For that I thank them from the bottom of my heart. 

Oh, and should I even mention the final exams? (Chuckles) Some of them were definitely challenging -I mean come on, they were the finals. However, most I found very manageable and rather (don't be too shocked) fun. I was so prepared by the end that I couldn't help but feel elated when I knew my work while answering. 

Want to know the key to good papers? SLEEP. For the future matrics, don't buy into any of this all-nighter and late-nights=extra-studying hogwash. All you end up with is a tired and dull mind before the most important set of exams of your schooling life. It is vital that you give your body the necessary care it needs while you're doing what amounts to three months of abusing it by long sitting and reading hours. Study hard, but when you need it, take the break. Good luck for next year.

I'm in mourning. I am; We all are, us matrics. It has been the death of an era for us, the death of something by which we defined ourselves. Getting our matric results is only the cherry on the top -a very scary cherry indeed. After tomorrow night, the real divergence begins. Some will go to medical school, some to actuarial sciences, some to drama and some to the good old (though so valuable) Bachelor of the Arts. Apparently in the day or two after tomorrow night we will all be receiving some much anticipated phone calls from our chosen universities. 

However regardless of the paths we all follow, let us celebrate, high five, thumbs up, hug, kiss and all that beautiful stuff because we did it! It's over and we did it. We made it through to the other side, and (as my one friend put it), we are now currently unemployed. 

As for my plans, those are to be revealed officially in my next blog. 

Wish me luck for tomorrow. And also wish my fellow matrics.


P.S Found this on Tumblr. Hilarious.

Finals Week
Here’s how my finals week usually goes:

Stage one: I’ve so got this

Stage two: Did we learn this in class?

Stage three: Those moments of panic when everything is overwhelming

Stage four: I want to crawl in a hole and live off Doritos
Stage five: I feel like all of my Professors are saying
Bonus Stage: Waiting for final grades to be posted